We transformed a shipping container into an amazing home in our back garden - now we rent it out for £65 per night | The US Sun

2022-08-02 14:56:46 By : Ms. Violla Huang

A WOMAN has shared how she, along with her husband, transformed a tiny shipping container into a posh home in their back garden.

The couple decided to add the container to their garden and have even started renting it out for guests to enjoy too.

Sarsha Huntington, from Denver, Colorado, told Tiny Home Giant Journey that they originally bought a 40ft container and had it cut down to 33ft to fit in their garden.

When it came to adding furniture and necessities like kitchen cupboards and a shower Sarsha explained: "It's very much about taking your time and working out what will fit in the tiny home."

Nothing entered the home before being measured to ensure it would not only squeeze into the space, but not make the home look any smaller.

The motivation for adding the container home to their garden was so that their family and friends would always have somewhere to stay, but also so they could rent it out when no one was visiting.

"We decided that we wanted somewhere people could come and stay, It's their own little place, private for them but they're also close to us," Sarsha said.

Charging £65 per night, the home is a cheaper option than a lot of hotels and is much more private.

"We feel like people will love to experience it, a container home is something that isn't readily available, it's very much an experience," she added.

The home itself is decorated in a minimal and modern way that still feels cosy.

There's a large corner sofa that pulls out to make a double bed, as well as a sperate bedroom with another double bed and wardrobe space.

"The kitchen is actually quite spacious," Sarsha said, showing off the kitchen cupboards, large fridge and induction stove.

The space also has a spacious bathroom with a walk-shower which is big enough to make any homeowner jealous.

Sarasha said: "The bathroom is a big feature of this tiny home, and it's actually not tiny, you'd be surprised by the size of everything, especially the shower.

Others loved the tiny container home too, one person said: "I absolutely loved the style in this tiny home everything was so crisp and clean yet warm and inviting!"

A second added: "Wow, very professionally done! Colour combinations are outstanding. One of the best container homes I seen."

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