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2022-06-28 23:17:12 By : Ms. Vicky Liu

A toilet at a zoo in China has a unique surprise for visitors, a face-to-face encounter with a tiger while the customers do their business.

The bathroom at the Luanchuan Bamboo Sea Wildlife Zoo in Henan has large windows through which the apex predators can observe tourists. Visitors can stare back at the big cats if they dare.

Footage filmed by a local named Yang shows the curious large cat standing on its hind legs and leaning against the windows covered with chain-link fencing to take a peek at him.

He says in the video: “I'm going to flush the toilet and get out of here. How can I use the toilet like this?”

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Zoo staff said the toilet was part of a restaurant where customers can dine while watching the wild animals outside. They added that the establishment, as well as its toilets, are safe from the tigers.

Another toilet in China recently gained similar infamy.

A swinging toilet was removed from a tourist hotspot after causing controversy online. Video showed the seat tied by rope hanging above a hole in the ground.

- Viral Press via AP