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2022-06-15 13:39:03 By : Ms. Nicole Wu

Backcountry Containers specializes in turning shipping containers into tiny homes on wheels.

The Texas-based company got its start in 2016 when founder Jon Meier found interest in the tiny home lifestyle, prompting him to quit his job as an aeronautical engineer and start the company with the help of his wife, Kristen, according to Backcountry's website. Its first official build was a blue 20-foot container home with a front porch and rooftop patio.

The work on this blue home landed Backcountry Containers a segment on HGTV's "Tiny House, Big Living" television show that featured the company's then-latest red 40-foot shipping container home build for Kristen's sister. The tiny home cost $50,000, Chron reported.

After the episode was filmed, more family members joined in Backcountry Containers' building and designing process, thus turning the company into a family business. 

The company now focuses on custom homes built on 20-foot or 40-foot shipping containers, although the space can be expanded by stacking or combining multiple containers. The metal homes are all insulated with closed cell foam, a common insulation choice, which accompanies the air conditioning and heating units. 

In total, the company's builds typically cost between $40,000 to $100,000 and take between six to 10 weeks to create, depending on the size and number of shipping containers used.

Keep scrolling to see the red shipping container home that brought Backcountry Containers its HGTV television fame: