Aerogarden Just Released Indoor Grow Lights for Keeping House Plants Happy

2022-12-15 01:06:52 By : Ms. Alisa Geng

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AeroGarden, one of our favorite indoor herb garden brands, frequently featured in SPY gift guides, has just released a collection of Indoor Grow Lights for house plants. This marks a notable expansion of their product line beyond just gardens into accessory lights for giving plants that extra boost they may need in darker spaces or winter months. If you can’t keep a plant alive due to a lack of natural sunlight in your place, keep reading. Wireless Motion Sensor Light

Aerogarden Just Released Indoor Grow Lights for Keeping House Plants Happy

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The new Grow Lights launch includes three different models: the Stem Grow Light, Tabletop Grow Light and Trio Grow Light — all three available now on Amazon or the Aerogarden website.

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This Grow Light is designed to help house plants thrive all year with a 10 watt, full spectrum LED light. It’s made for plants up to 15 inches tall, has an auto timer for 10 hours on, 14 hours off and can be turned on/off with a simple touch.

AeroGarden also released this Stem Grow Light that’s smaller and designed with two stabilizing prongs at the bottom rather than a stand so you can place it right into the soil. This gives your plant direct access to LED light that’s also customizable within the AeroGarden app.

This trio of smaller grow lights is perfect for a cluster of plants that could all use some love. It’s made with full-spectrum LED lights and the arms of each light is adjustable so you can accommodate three plants up to 12 inches tall at the same time.

SPY Senior E-Commerce Editor Taylor Galla was sent a testing unit of the Tabletop Grow Light and noted its sleek, user-friendly design that’s perfect for giving smaller plants extra light. If you only own a few, smaller plants and have space for a lamp it would make a great addition for their care.

The light syncs with the Aerogarden app so you can customize the light color, intensity and on/off timer to give your plants the best care possible. The light is very easy to put together and comes with a stable base that a plant can rest on. It has an adjustable rod that connects the light with the base, that’s easy to slide up and down depending on the size of your plant.

The sample unit we were sent was black, but there’s also an option for cream, and the gold accents compliment the look of it nicely. Rather than purely a utilitarian light designed for growing, this light also looks like a chic piece of home decor that would look great on a bookshelf, desk or side table.

The other two grow lights, the Stem Grow Light and Trio Grow Light are designed in a similar fashion with black and cream base colors and gold accents. The Stem Grow Light is adjustable for plants up to 10″ tall and designed to be placed in the soil with a light hood and 180 degree angle for targeting plants with the exact light they need. The Trio Grow Light comes with three smaller, adjustable arms for lighting plants up to 12 inches tall.

Kim Gonia, AeroGarden’s Brand Manager noted in the press release “We’re excited to be launching a new solution for houseplant and continuing our mission to deliver the rewarding benefits and joy of growing indoors.”

“The houseplant market has exploded over the last few years and our goal was to provide houseplant owners with a stylish, innovative, technology-forward solution that will meet their growing needs.”

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Aerogarden Just Released Indoor Grow Lights for Keeping House Plants Happy

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