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There are many nice ideas of building offices. Some offices are made from scratches. This involves long construction process since it requires foundation, cement and concretes, and other kinds of materials. In fact, in some recent years, there are some innovative ideas of construction by using shipping containers . A container is actually big enough to become space for offices and even houses. That is why there are many offices that are built by using container. Some small offices are enough to use two or even single container. The container already has sturdy shapes. It has frames, wall, roof, and floor. That is why it is like building and arranging interior inside the box and it is not big problem to handle. Of course, there are many kinds of interesting design ideas of offices made of the shipping containers.

There is quite big office made of the containers. In total, there are four containers. Four of them are arranged to there are two parts consisting of two- levels of containers. However, it is not just arranged by stacking the four containers. In fact, two sides of space made of containers are connected by smaller space. It looks interesting since the connector becomes the center of the office container, while the containers on both sides become the wings of the room. The both sides have two levels since these are made of two containers. The design is made attractive without leaving the impression that the office is made of shipping container. The real shape of container is still preserved. However, the exterior is changed. The first side is made to show metallic appearance and it is painted in grey. The front face no longer has metal side of the container but it is replaced by glass so it becomes large windows. Then, the second side is made to have the natural look. The front side is covered by wooden materials. The sides are painted to imitate the texture and pattern of stones. Meanwhile, the central area that that becomes the connector of those two sides is made of woods as its exterior. The combination of gray and brown on the whole building make it luxurious. 

As for the interior, each shipping container is divided into three rooms. There is simple separator with door to connect each room. Then, there are also stairs to connect the first level and second level of the container. The interior design is actually quite simple since it is designed as office. The size of the building is also quite compact since its width is basically similar to two and half containers. However, the once someone enters the office, it no longer look like of rooms inside container. It looks like ordinary office and it looks attractive. As for the connectors that become bridge between the two sides, it becomes the rooms for toilets and there are no office rooms or working space in there.

Simple Office with Three Containers

Next architect design (jasa bangun rumah) of office is also attractive. It is made of three big shipping containers. The arrangement is quite unique since it is made to make it look like a long building instead of building with wide space. The first container is placed in front of the other two containers. The two containers in the rear part are stacked to create two-level building. The front area is like the front office where guests are accepted and there is also area with seats so gusts can have a seat and wait for meeting or other else. Meanwhile, the rear area with two-level container becomes the main office. The top container uses glass material on its front side so it allows the people inside the second level to see the outside easily. There is also stairs that directly allow people to enter the second level. 

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